Flybear FX-808 Airplane Quick Review and Test Flight

If you are looking for a great RC plane that can fly indoor and last long, the Flybear FX-808 is a perfect one. The FX-808 has an affordable price and impressive technical data. On this article, I will not discuss in depth about the technical data but the more on the feature of the airplane and my impression when flying it.

The airplane is quite larger than it looks in the picture. When I got the box, I was surprised how large it was. After opened the box and held the airplane on hands, I knew I love the airplane. being built with The PEE material(Expanded polypropylene), the airplane is very light and soft. It is safe to fly indoor and outdoor.

Let’s take a look closer at the Flyer FX-808 features:

  • Lightweight Biplane, easy to control.
  • Micro indoor flyer, can fly in small space
  • EPP materail, durable and safe
  • With LED light for night flying, enjoy the flying all the time
  • 2.4G radio technology eliminates interference so you can fly multiple planes at the same time
  • Ready-to-fly, the function has already been adjusted and no further adjustments are necessary

To learn more about the plane, check it at Bang Good:


I even loved the RC even more after testing out the airplane. I have to admit that I was terrible at flying an RC airplane. I dropped it on the groups many times, but the plane still worked perfectly. It was so funny.The airplane was stuck on a tree. My cousin and I threw rocks and small pine logs to the airplanes many times to get the airplane back. I thought it would get serious damage and no longer work, but in fact, it work just fine.

Let’s take a look at the test flight

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