Some of My Paper Airplane Design Experience

Transform your used papers to origami papers

Growing up in a third world country, I appreciate paper very much. I remember some kids in my school did not even have paper to do their homework, so they had to gather leftover papers from classmates and made their own notebook. Therefore, when I see kids and college students in the U.S often tossing away their homework into the trashcan or a recycle bins, and I feel really sad. Although recycling papers is a good to protect the environment, children can take further action by reuse the papers before recycling. There are different ways to reuse papers, and one way to reuse paper is to make origami. I realize no one wants to make cool origami with used paper, so If the paper is fully filled with text, I suggest make transform it to paper airplanes.

Have fun and learn about physics with paper airplanes

When making paper airplanes, you don’t just have fun with the products but also learn about aerodynamics. It is interesting to realize you can control how your paper airplanes fly. Imagine how cool is that you can make a paper airplane fly back to you. Imagine that you can make your paper airplane fly to the left, right, up , down or slide under the ceiling. No matter how old are you, it is never too old for having a fun time with paper airplanes. Children learn making paper airplanes to practice their craft skills and improve their creative thinking. Teenagers can have fun and understand deeper about physics. Elders can teach their grand children about physics throughout the making paper airplane process.

Check out this paper airplane

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