How Long it take to design a new paper airplane?

Time to invest in creating a paper airplane

Typically, my paper airplanes can be folded in five to twelve minutes, but it takes make a week to design. I remember the first one I invented was the triangle, which took me one week to co
me up with an idea and 2 more week to develop. Though it was not really cool, but it was my first design. The second one is the Spirit Dragon, and it took me even longer, 4 weeks to complete the design.

Why is it difficult to design a new paper airplanes.

Designing a new paper air plane is challenging because thousands of paper airplanes had already invented, and many were similar.  Through my experience, it is not difficult to make a paper airplane,

 I had to check if my design was similar to anyone else. If so, I had to throw it a way. Each of my design must be different, and it must has its own features. I hate copying, and I don’t ever want to twist or modified other people’s designs. Then, call it a new design. However, there are some basic folds that I have to use.

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