Last Minute Gift for Mother’s Day

Tomorrow is Mother’s day, and you don’t know what to give to your mother. Don’t worry, you still have a few hours to create an origami flower for your mother.

Below is a list of simple origami  that you can create for your mother.

1.  First of all, let’s make a Tulip Flower with Stem. This origami is fairly easily. In the video, it was folded with the simplest way. Indeed, almost every loves Tulips, why not make your old an awesome tulip origami for your mama?

2. This paper Kusudama Flower is beautiful. The design is simple although it looks complicated. Let’s make a bunch and give your mom a surprise.


4. If your mother love butterflies, let make paper butterflies. Make sure you choose colorful paper for the best result.

4. Are you an old school kid? If so, lets write a letter and fold it into a heart. They give it to your mom. Check Origami Heart tutorial.


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