Yoshizawa–Randlett system

The Yoshizawa–Randlett system is a diagramming system used to describe the folds of origami models. Many origami books begin with a description of basic origami techniques which are used to construct the models. There are also a number of standard bases which are commonly used as a first step in construction. Models are typically classified as requiring low, intermediate or high skill depending on the complexity of the techniques involved in the construction.

Basic Fold

Valley fold

Moutain fold Mountain fold Fold and unfold valley Turn over and invisible line

Common operations

Below are common operations that you should know to create complicated origami.


Put the points together



Repeat action

Pleat fold, also called an accordion fold

Inside crimp fold

Outside crimp fold

Inside reverse fold

Outside reverse fold

Inflate the model

Sink a corner


 Source: Wikipedia


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